The Universal Tractor Transmission Oil Goldenstone® UTTO is formulated with selected high quality solvent refined and hydrotreated base stocks, and a specially designed performance additive package to ensure the conformance with lubrication requirements of transmissions/gear boxes, differentials/final drives, wet brakes & clutches and hydraulic systems.

Goldenstone® UTTO is developed to lubricate the transmission, final drive/s, wet brakes & clutches, and the hydraulic system/s of farm tractors and other machinery currently in service. It is also recommended for the latest makes and models of farm tractors and off-high way machines and equipment. It is especially engineered to meet the shear stability requirements imposed by Massey Ferguson specification M 1143.


• Very good anti-wear, anti-scuffing and anti-seizure properties
• Excellent thermal, oxidation and shear stability
• Very good seal compatibility
• Dependable rust and corrosion protection
• Supreme noise control in the wet brakes
• Good low temperature fluidity contributes fast lubricant circulation at cold start up
• Very good foam suppression