Goldenstone® Ultra V 5W-30 is synthetic multigrade engine oil especially designed for the lubrication of Volkswagen, AUDI, SEAT and Skoda engines. It is formulated from high quality synthetic base components with the addition of a unique additive system to obtain a lubricant which is fully compatible with exhaust gas after treatment devices, exhibits high temperature stability, wear protection, excellent low-temperature performance and reduced hazardous emissions in the exhaust gasses.

Goldenstone Ultra V 5W-30 is a special product, especially developed for use in Volkswagen, AUDI, SEAT and Skoda gasoline and diesel engines with extended oil drain intervals. It is fully compatible with diesel particulate filters (DPF) and the additional exhaust gas aftertreatment devices and is suitable for the advanced FSI and TSI gasoline engines with direct fuel injection.


• Cleanliness of all engine parts
• Fuel consumption reduction
• Maximum protection against wear and corrosion
• Extends life and maintains the effectiveness of DPFs
• Environmental friendliness (aids to reduce hazardous impact on environment)
• A special friction modifier ensuring maximum wear protection