GOLDENSTONE® Tp turbine oils are formulated from highly refined lube base stocks blended with a highly efficient ash-free additive package providing high oxidation stability, reliable corrosion protection.

GOLDENSTONE® Tp turbine oils are developed to lubricate water, steam and gas turbines (normal service), required TSA and TGA oils in accordance to ISO 8068.

GOLDENSTONE® Tp turbine oils are also suitable for the lubrication of the associated with turbines equipment and assemblies and as well as the systems governing those machines.

Baths and circulating systems, oil-lubricated bearings of different types, from moderately to medium loaded assemblies and hydraulic systems under low to moderate pressures are among the other typical applications.


• Very good oxidation stability
• Very good waterseparability
• Maximum resistance to degradation
• Siemens approved