Goldenstone® Synthilin 5 is fully synthetic concentrate based on polyglycols, synthetic acids and other anticorrosion additives. This product contains boric acid and amines but is free from lactic acid.

The water-miscible cutting fluid Goldenstone® Synthilin 5 is suitable for application in grinding operations of steel and cast iron and forms transparent solutions. It ensures excellent protection against corrosion, wear and bacterial growth. The recommended concentrations are as follows:
– Grinding of steel: 4-5%
– Grinding of cast iron: 5-6%


• Compatible with a wide range of water hardness up to 60°dH (1080 ppm)
• Ensures superior cutting tool cooling and detergency
• Forms transparent solutions, which allows excellent visibility of workpieces
• Minimized foaming tendency
• Reliable rust and corrosion protection for ferrous metals
• Extended service life
• Very good filterability
• Resistance to bacteria and fungi