Goldenstone® Turbo Diesel multigrade engine oils are formulated with a special selection of high quality and carefully balanced blend of solvent refined and hydrotreated base stocks and a modern high performance additive package.

These oils are designated for the lubrication of heavy duty diesel engines naturally aspirated or turbocharged operated under medium to heavy duty driving conditions. Recommended for diesel engines used in international haulage, commercial vehicles and buses (engaged in urban and interurban services) and in off-high way equipment and machines in mining and construction industry, farming, etc. with predominantly normal or extended drain intervals according to the manufacturers recommendations and depending on the technical conditions of the engine.

Goldenstone® Turbo Diesel meet and exceed the lubrication demands of heavy duty diesel engine manufacturers Euro I to Euro V, required ACEA E7 oils.


• Extended service life
• Control over soot accumulation in oil
• Very good detergent/dispersant properties, ensuring the highest possible cleanliness of the engines
• Superior oxidation stability preventing oil thickening and viscosity changes during high temperature and high load service operations
• Dependable protection against wear, corrosion and deposit formation
• Stable and steady lubricating film in a wide temperature range and severe loads
• Excellent detergent/dispersant properties for maximum piston and engine cleanliness