The compressor oils GOLDENSTONE® MVK-2 are developed for lubrication of piston type compressors, equipped with circulating or mixed type lubricating systems demanding oils of high oxidation stability, enhanced lubricating properties, R&O protection and output air temperatures up to 140 C, in some cases depending on compressor type and working conditions up to 220 C output air temperature.

The compressor oils GOLDENSTONE MVK-2 are designated to lubricate rotary (vane and screw) type compressors with low and medium output capacities, and output air pressures lower than 1500 kPa (15bar) and output air/oil temperatures up to 100 C

GOLDENSTONE® MVK-2 compressor oils are formulated from a special selection of high quality solvent refined and hydrotreated paraffinic-naphthenic base stocks blended with a highly efficient additive package.


• Very good antiwear properties
• Very good thermal and oxidation
• Dependable corrosion protection
• Seals compatibility