GOLDENSTONE® MARINE D engine oils are formulated with carefully balanced high quality solvent refined and hydrotreated lube base stocks and a modern technology additive package, to meet the requirements of the major manufacturers of medium-speed marine diesel engines such as Pielstick, MAN B&W, MAN Augsburg, New Sulzer Diesel, Wartsila, etc.

GOLDENSTONE® MARIN D oils are intended for the lubrication of main and auxiliary medium speed trunk-piston engines burning distillate fuels with up to 1.5% sulphur. They are successfully used for the lubrication of engines of fishing vessels and passenger ships. Also, suitable for the lubrication of geared transmissions, variable pitch propellers, oil-filled stern tubes, used with medium speed engines.


• Prevent formation of high temperature deposits and low-temperature sludge
• Ensure excellent protection for cams, camshaft and bearings
• Rapid separation of any trapped water
• Protection against cylinder liner wear and bore polishing
• Excellent rust protection for all stern equipment
• Bearing corrosion protection
• Low foaming tendency