GOLDENSTONE® MARINE C engine oils are formulated with carefully balanced high quality lube base stocks and a special selection of additives, especially designed to ensure high equipment protection. GOLDENSTONE® MARIN C oils are system oils, developed for crankcase lubrication of the components and cooling of the pistons of low speed crosshead marine engines. They are also suitable for the lubrication of some auxiliary mechanisms and units such as stern tubes, gear drives, transmissions and other deck equipment.

IMPORTANT: GOLDENSTONE® MARIN C oils are not fit for the lubrication of trunk piston diesel engines.

Formulated in three SAE J 300 viscosity grades: 20, 30 & 40.


• Effectively neutralize the combustion acid components promoters of corrosion
• Excellent thermal and oxidation stability
• Rapid separation of entrained water
• Superior protection of metal surfaces against corrosion
• Low foaming tendency