GOLDENSTONE® ANTIFREEZE LONG LIFE is antifreeze concentrate based on ethylene glycol and an additive system developed with silicate-free organic (mono- and di-carboxylic) acids. The product is free from potentially harmful substances such as nitrites, amines and phosphates which makes it environmentally friendly.

GOLDENSTONE® ANTIFREEZE LONG LIFE is used for year-round protection against freezing, overheating and corrosion of the engines of passenger cars, trucks, buses, off-road vehicles and stationary and marine engines and etc. It should be used only after a proper dilution with distilled or soft water before use.

Except for all conventional combustion engines it is also especially good for the high-tech ones, because it provides the so vitally crucial high temperature corrosion protection for the aluminium heat transfer surfaces there.

In order to provide good and durable corrosion protection it is recommended to use at least 33 %v/v of GOLDENSTONE® ANTIFREEZE LONG LIFE in distilled water. Typical mixtures are 1:1, offering frost protection at ambient temperatures down to -40°C. Mixtures with more than 70 %v/v GOLDENSTONE® ANTIFREEZE LONG LIFE in water are not recommended.