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About us

Goldenstone Oils & Lubricants

Goldenstone Oils & Lubricants was established back in 2008 at its headquarter in Copenhagen, Denmark.
Goldenstone has implemented (SOP) Standard Operating Procedure in order to secure high level of quality management and to secure the standardization of its management processes fully integrated with ISO 9001 standards.

Goldenstone production facilities are reliably reinforcing the stringent measures in process Quality Controls through unremitting processes of developing and producing top-notch and OEM approved high-quality oils using the best Danish and German laboratories to ensure superior quality and an outstanding oil performance.

Goldenstone offers a wide range of diesel and petrol engine oils, to be used in vehicles, motorcycles, trucks and buses, heavy-duty and agricultural machines, hydraulic oils, gear oils, 2 and 4 stroke oils, industrial and marine oils, turbine, transmission and transformer oils, additives, car- care and consuming lubrications, break fluids, gear and car racing oil.

Goldenstone’s main focus is to respond to the rapid growing demand for engine oil in compliance with OEM standards, existing rules and regulations for higher production efficiency along with social and environmental friendly processes.

Goldenstone develops premium and very high-quality oils and lubricants utilizing the most efficient and most advanced laboratories in Denmark and Germany that evidentially use the best and up-to date German technologies and German materials of the highest standards and OEM approved values to ensure the best oil performance.

Goldenstone produces exclusively advanced lubricants using 100% virgin oils, and premium German base oil and German additives to meet the highest specifications and accreditations. Goldenstone Europe produces its oils and lubricants at the most advanced ISO-certified oil factories in Germany and the entire Europe that meets all EU standards and the required OEM certifications.

After many years in the field of developing and producing oils and lubricants, Goldenstone as a trademark has become one of the top growing and reliable oil manufacturers in Europe with distribution channels in more than 40 countries around the world.

Goldenstone oils strive to offer the best conditions to our customers and to grow thoroughly with our partners taking into considerations essential factors such as quality assurance, product support, marketing and sales dynamics, competitive pricing policy that reflect the quality and finally to grow a healthy cooperation by implementing CSR, Environmental, Security and safety measures.

Meet Our Team

Meet the professional team of Goldenstone Oils

George Johnson
George JohnsonProcurement & Product Manager
Elizabeth Berkley
Elizabeth BerkleyProcurement & Product Manager, Europe
Simon Taylor
Simon TaylorBusiness Developer

Our Vision

Goldenstone vision is to become one of the world leading OEM approved engine Oils developers and manufacturers providing the industry with up-to-date top notch engine oils and lubricants for all purposes within the said standards.

Goldenstone will strive to expand its product portfolio and to grow the family of Goldenstone stone lubrications to include additives, car care products, car paint products, and much more. Our plan is to provide full range of consumables used at any professional car-repair shop, greases, hydraulics, and coolants among other segments.

Our Mission

Goldenstone will endeavour to brand its name and accelerate its presence across all industries all over the globe through partnership and strong and liable distributors.

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Goldenstone as a trademark has become one of the top growing and reliable oil manufacturers in Europe with distribution channels in more than 40 countries around the world. If you want to be one of reliable and trustworthy agents or distributors for Goldenstone Oils & Lubricatns, just contact us.

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